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December 2, 2011 at 4:12 am in Executive Speaking, PowerPoint, Speechifying, Toastmasters by John Freisinger | No Comments

The current TSA screening procedures at the airport make lugging your laptop along for a PowerPoint presentation a difficult decision. About a year ago I stumbled across a mobile app that allowed me to cut the cord on my reliance on my laptop for presentations. The app is called 2Screens, and I use it on both my iPad and my iPhone.

The iPad version allows me to run a PDF version of a previously created PowerPoint presentation to a projector via a small VGA-out dongle that I purchased at Target. The dongles are widely available at Apple Stores and Wal-Marts as well. I create the PDF directly from PowerPoint (PDF is one of the “Save As” formats to which you can save) and then email it directly to myself on my iPad. I can then open the PDF up from the 2Screens app.

The presentation has to be saved as a PDF so any changes you need to make have to be made on a computer or laptop before they are transferred. In a pinch I have used Google Docs to update my presentations on the road. I save them to Dropbox online ( and then download them to my iPad. (You can link directly to Dropbox from the Tools menu in 2Screens). While you are creating or updating your presentation, remember that animations and transitions will not work so don’t use them.
The presentation can also be run from your iPhone but I choose to use my iPhone for another feature of 2Screens, as my remote control. Under the Tools menu you can turn to turn on the Remote control feature on both the iPad and the iPhone and the phone displays a mini view of the slide on your iPad that can be used to advance your slides. I have found the “remote” range of the iPhone to be sufficient for every sized room that I have experienced. At one hotel I tested the remote feature to more than 100 feet.

The other feature I find myself using frequently is the whiteboard mode. In a slide show you can write directly onto a slide (by writing on your iPad screen) to highlight important points or you can pull a blank page out at any time and make notes or diagrams that may be needed to expand a point. 2Screens allow you to save changes or notes made during a presentation for later review as well.

So before your next trip try playing around with 2Screens, (Don’t just assume you will be able to learn the app on the fly), and you may never have to take you laptop out at airport for special screening again.

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